About Me

Hi, I’m Linda, the “Queen Bee” at The Beehive hostel, a home away from home for travellers and locals since 1999.

My husband and I moved here from the US in 1999 to open our hostel and our work and passion for almost two decades as been not only to provide a clean & comfortable place to stay, but also to be generous with our own curated local information on Rome and to be of help to anyone who walks through our doors.  The Beehive has never been just a place to sleep – we believe strongly in the shared social experience at our hostel as well as cultivating community and community building initiatives.

I have many interests and a lot of diverse experiences and drawing the line from childhood to where I am now is definitely not linear. Life has been a series of curves and ups and downs.  I do have strong opinions, but those opinions can’t be bought. Everything on this blog is my own.

Rome incites a lot of passion in people – it’s that kind of city and you’ll hear a lot of different views from a variety of sources on where the “best pizza” is or the “best gelato” or “best market” – well, you get the picture.  I won’t ever say something is “the best” – who I am to be the sole authority? I have my own favorites and I will make strong suggestions because of my own personal preferences, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not you agree and if we disagree – great!  Let’s talk about it!

If you want to get to know me, my husband Steve and family a little better, the following is a list of interviews and podcasts we’ve done in the past few years, with information and insight into moving to, and living in, Rome & Orvieto, as well as our experience of opening a business and raising third-culture kids.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

xo, Linda